Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Some people just aim, others pull the trigger

Things happen for a reason, Fact.

Last year there was a possibility that I would lose my job. Anyone who has ever been made redundant or possible redundancy from a full time job would know that it’s a horrible time. Your future is uncertain, you can’t plan anything. Your life is just at this horrible standstill and until the managing director makes the final decision, you have to carry on smiling like everything is normal. Alongside this I had other battles to contend with in personal life and home life. The only control at the time was training for a marathon. That was certain, something I could aim for with confidence.
A year as now gone by, everything has been sorted. I kept my Job, home life as got better and I am happy (as you can tell by reading this blog!).

However, 2 months ago I found myself at an open evening at college. Unsure, confused and anxious are the only words I can use to describe as I walked in. this isn’t the first time I have been to the college, I used to do Travel and Tourism 3 years ago there. As I walked into the library, everything seemed familiar, not a lot changes in 3 years I guess! 

Within seconds of walking in I got jumped on by a lady who was directing the outside public to their desired course tutor. My throat was dry, so trying to say the words “sports and fitness coaching” took way to much effort! The course tutor I needed to speak to was with another student who was interested in the course. The difference was, I had four years on him! I decided to wait outside and re-use the once loved Costa coffee stand (double espresso’s still taste good, who would have thought it?!) Eventually the lady came out the library and informed me that the course tutor was ready to see me.

As I walked back in to the library my head was in a thousand places… what the hell am I doing? This is really out of character.

I shook the tutors hand and sat down. I told him all about my cycling, marathon running, being second in my age group in the Hereford XC and when he found out that even though I had a car, I still cycled to work once or twice a week from 16 miles away, a big smile came on his face. He went on to tell me about is adventures and mishaps through life. He was once a PE teacher at a S.E.P school. That’s exactly what I want to do! He went on to tell me about different university courses. 
Couple of weeks after this meeting, I got asked in to a formal interview. Again, I was nervous, but this time he knew my name and he knew my interests. Instantly there was a strong rapport… he gave me a place on the course.

This is the tough bit, I know what I want to do however, it means that I now have to leave my full time job in a middle of a double dip recession.

Everything has gone back to a big uncertain again. However, my certain this time isn’t the Marathon… 


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