Friday, 10 March 2017

Sub 2 hour marathon in crocs please...

I'm a bit of a running geek... Not to mention a leader and trainee coach in the sport. I love the sport, I can't lie. I love the community, the banter and the great 'man up' type approach to the sport. 

What I'm not sure I do like though is the idea of Nike making millions out of marketing the idea of athletes running sub 2 hours. Yes- it's a great feat in sports engineering, and it's an exciting time to be alive. But, it's not very organic is it? 

Of course I'm talking about the new extra light, extra cushioned, springy Nike air max training shoes. If you gave a man great work tools of course he's going to perform well. Give a 22 year old lad a Focus RS and of course he will drive faster than someone who drives an Astra diesel. There's no talent or skill; just pure money and Technology, which lets face it as no real depth. 

We also need to remember that Nike are still fixing their problems from the early 90's. The; 'let's make a trainer that's cushioned. Oh no people are injured, let's make a trainer that's minimal.'

On the other hand; it's great that the sub 2 hour marathon will happen within our lifetime, hopefully in May this year. But I just wish it was more organic. Maybe shoeless? The use of natural spring from elasticity of the posterior kinetic chain is much more impressive than some over priced training shoe. 

To celebrate. I'm going to run a sub 1:20HM. In crocs. Or slippers. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Lighter evenings, longer days...

... And new (6 months now) job. 

This means smashing out the Hoka trail in 1:37 in Margam park. 

Slow for an half marathon, but considering it's only a 'B' race and its injury free running, I'm happy! (1580ft elev, mud and slippery rocks didn't help my speed demons!) 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Slovakia- take me back!


Last week L man and I took to the skies and hit the Poprad district in Slovakia. Throughout the week we climbed Mount Rysy ( Well, L man tried! ACL injury didn't stop him from walking 80% of the way!), toured the villages of northern Slovakia, hit the far south of Poland and much more! 

Weather was great, and the Polish police look at English tourists like their personal Piggy Banks (I got fined for driving into a national park [100Zt- £20?). 

But this aside, it was a fab trip! We fell for the place and the people. 

Very kind, very cheap and very near to home!! 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Cold weather = bad ankle

There seems to be a year on year correlation (3?) of my ankle playing up at the same time of the year. Cold weather = bad ankle. But ey oh... Plenty of foam rolling, hot water bottle, massages and I'm feeling good. 

With the Muddy Woody, Hoka HM, Fod HM and Trail Marathon all coming up in the next 6 months, it's time to start thinking about periodisation and how all these races are going to be tackled, whilst staying somewhat injury free! We'll see how it goes! 

In other Jonesy news- it's that time of the year when the Xmas meal season has left an empty feeling in our stomach. So it only seemed right last Friday to check out the new Italian in Ross.

Great fun, lots of banter and some drinking (!). 

It was also time for the Gyms Xmas meal... Seeing as it's the 20th Jan and the meal was on the 16th Jan- I think this gives a 'nod' to my organisation, or lack of! 

The actual meal was at the Royal, which was more of a formal affair. This was the 'after do' in spoons. Yes. I was drunk.

Time to get on with making some more stories... Peace out! :-) 

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Not very often I'll finish a run on a downer....

.... But today was the day when I could have sacked it off! 

Long story short- 

Got invited out to Coleford last night for a few drinks. Few drink turned into more and at around 12:30 ish thought it was time to get home and get horizontal.

Up at 7am.... Coffee, more coffee and another. Three cups later I was ready to get out. 

The course had changed out at Monkhall since the last time I took part 4 (!) years ago. (1 year ago I did take part, but pulled out after 1 mile due to injury) 

It was tough! 2x3.2 miles of muddy, undulating, painful, field running. I think it was the first time in a couple of years where there was not one part of the race I enjoyed! 

However: positives! 

Good team banter, good photos beforehand and good coffee at the end! 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Busy New year!!

I haven't updated this blog since October last year- that's terrible! What wasn't terrible was Christmas... That was good! 👊

Couple of highlights of xmas:

- 2nd in Newent Park Run
- My first Fell race, on the Skirrid! 
- Eating my body weight of food xmas day
- Going to Snowdon for 3 days, plenty of running! Including a 15 mile, 4500ft jolly! 
- New Year's Eve drinking with good friends 
-Kymin Fell race... Steep, fast and 12th overall! 

Other than that it's been all fun and games! 

Hoping I'll be more proactive with my blogging, especially now L told me I need to get back into it! 

Kymin Fell Race

Snowdon Running

My attempt of local XC at Holme Lacey in November. 16th place. Set out fast. Died off fast. Wasn't fast. 

Monday, 12 October 2015

Ross 10k, FOD 5k, Cardiff Half Marathon and Beacon Race!

Well, the month of October is here and its full steam ahead in to the winter!

Whether that will be coming in the first team and taking 5th place at the Ross 10k

Or, coming 1st at the FOD 5k (doesn't happen that often!!), and seeing JK Gym members all cross the line in style!

Even L-man smashed down a Hot Dog on the start line!

 Or hitting the streets of Cardiff in the Half Marathon and getting a PB!

And if that's not enough Beacon race came and I decided to race, even though i've been struck down by the almighty man flu (Common cold!!). Even with such an illness in tow, I managed to jump into the pain cave and take away a 21st place and a 52:25- which was 30 seconds faster than 2012 when I was at my "best"!

Just need to keep taking my man up pills (Lemsips) up until the Mud Runner. Lets see what will happen!

14 Gym members, 6 miles of mud... Happy days! 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Gavletics- It's a state of mind, a fad, a life style!

We've all seen those fitness fads- you know the ones!

5am on the music channels they are trying to sell us the 'ultimate' life style for only 5 payments of £99 and you will be ripped like a donkey (!) ready for your summer holidays at the start of September (Bare in mind its the 16th august now!)

It begs the question- what sort of people buy into this and actually believe it?!

"Met Muhamid Ali and he told me I was the greatest..."

The title to this blogpost are the lyrics off a song in Big Willey Style The classic album by Will Smith.

The lyrics stood out to me and deserved a blog post, why?

How often do we doubt ourselves? I'll put my hands up and admit I am forever doubting my ability- whether its in training, or coaching, or even at work. Why? Negative reinforcement? Just unsure? It's just one of those things that psychologists have been studying in the realms of sport, business and general well being.

There are loads of theories- but no down right answer. When the animal chases its prey, does it question its ability to run fast and kill? No. It just does it. But humans even question their ability of going for a walk or a jog in the evening after work.

We are the leading race, the leading light in the world. but yet a staggering 84% of us in the UK ( struggle to get out for a 30 minute walk once a day. What's up with that?

Maybe the mission for the coming weeks should be to just 'do'. After all, you are the greatest.

Another reason why I selected those lyrics was because it was the only CD we had in the van on our recent (5 weeks ago) Three Peaks Trip. If you are an avid follower of the Ross Upset (Gazette) or Facebook, you would of seen our mugs, or mine mostly running up and down mountains within 24 hours.

Myself, Wilden, Luke Smith, L Man, and Cackett hit the trails of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon all within 24 hours.

If this was a film- it was a close call. But it was a call that was made. We completed it within 24 hours (I ran off and managed a 22.40) but the main point is... believing in ourselves was the key. Without belief, we potentially would have failed. No, we would have absolutely failed.

£1070 was raised for Rocky Lees Little Feet, a charity for the families of still born babies.

The question is- what shall we do next?

Who's the greatest?

Friday, 31 July 2015

It's Summer!!

And I know this because I'm going to Newquay tomorrow!

What's been happening- 

Lack of photos, but Three Peaks challenge happened with a group from JK Gym. The challenge was to walk the three highest peaks of England, Scotland and Wales all within 24 hours. We completed it with an hour to spare! 

Oh, and we raised a fantastic £1076 for Rocky-Lees Little feet. This is a charity that helps fund headstones for still born babies. so all in all was a good effort!

I'm hoping my next blog post won't take 3 months to write! :-) 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

5k PB

Started the day having a moan about injuries, lack of running and general unfitness.

Finishing the day with a 5k PB after a great race in Hereford...

Time for telly and a coffee- 

Bored, Injured and Annoyed

So- This is now the injury blog! It's been nearly 6 months since the skiing trip and I am still not up to full fitness.

However; over Easter I did manage to get the vest on and complete a couple of events.

First one being the Gilwern Grunt. In terms of running, it was a rubbish day! Got last at mile 4, and never managed to get myself back together. The race was a write off. However, as an adventure and a day out with good people- it was awesome!

The second race that I took part in was the Offas Orror. I did this race 3 years ago and didn't really enjoy it. The first mile was steep and narrow and then there's a long drop and a long run along the riverside- which is just boring! However, I took my man up pills and got on with it. Position wise I was in the mid 60's, which is disappointing, but at the moment you just get to the point where you start to understand that yes; I am still injured and yes; I am unfit! So running 20k XC wasn't the smartest move...

This was nearly 2 weeks ago; I am now sat here writing this with a calf compression sleeve on feeling annoyed with myself. 50 days until the Trail Marathon- 2nd week of minimal miles... This is not good!

But on the other side:

Going to an 80s party and dressing up has a 118 runner, Megan has Jessica Rabbit, and Cackett looking awesome!

Smashing! :-)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

After 8 weeks off...

...I know I shouldn't be expecting much.

But a 1st mile of 6.08 and a second mile of 6.01- I really do need to look at my racing strategy for the summer!

All in all though, 1.39= sub 1.40 (Which was T)... So all is well in the Jonesy world!

Not only did I manage the grand shuffle, my good mate Lukester Fletch smashed out an impressive attempt at his 2nd HM!

S'll good! 

If you do one thing over easter....

...Watch this video!

text RESQ41 to 70070
Every minute of every hour, every hour of every day, every day of every week, every week of every month, and every month of every year, there are people that are ready, people who are willing to leave their families, their jobs, and their personal safety behind at a moments notice.. #MREW #MountainRescue
Posted by Mountain Rescue England and Wales on Thursday, 2 April 2015

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Up and down, up and down

So, spring is here and there's a growing sense of lighter evenings making a come back and less need for having to find/borrow motivation and just more need to "do" stuff! 

Even though my ankle hurts today (mtfu) I've been attempting to get out there and train. With FOD HM and NWTM coming up, I need to radically think of doing some training/limping...

Whether that be-

Trying to enthuse and inspire others at the Gym

Hill reps up Fernbank road

Or running in the Forest:

With 1 week until the big shuffle HM in the FOD and 12 weeks until the North Wales trail marathon... It's time to pull my finger out....

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Garway D of E

Today myself and a group of teachers/volunteers hit Garway Hill with a group of Silver and Gold students. 

We set the Gold students off in one direction and the Silver in the other- my order of the day was to meet them at certain points and discuss map reading, pacing etc. 

Alongside lots of map reading, I also got an opportunity to talk about Sports Nutrition- especially important for the students when they're walking for four days straight up at the Lakes. Very good day! 

Talking of Sports Nutrition, my good mate L man has decided to start looking into recovery and Protien taking- in a bid to increase growth, development and repair. 

I'm not sure that full-fat 1000Kcal weight gain x2 per day is the way forward. But unofficially- it will be interesting to see how the L man gets on and what the effects will be... Other than getting big! 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Map work in the FOD with M...

... Is always good fun! 

I wanted to practice map reading whilst walking, it's a skill that I've never been that good at and something I need to get better at! 

So on that, we set out to Cannop Ponds in the FOD and walked over to Mallards Pike and eventually Edge End Hill Bunglow, which is an amazing place with some fantastic views.

Sometimes you need to count your blessings, these kind of views less than 20 miles down the road... Result! 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ed's Diner with M

I've never seen this person so happy! 

Peanut Butter Milkshake and Elvis Presley on the Jukebox is all it takes! 

D of E Bronze walk

I've been involved with this for the last year and it's always good fun! :-) 

Map reading, outdoor and some very awesome engaging students. 

Today was no different, we walked around Marcle Ridge checking up on the 3 groups of children. Glad to say they all got around with no problems on their first unsupervised walk. 

Even had time to brush up on my map reading! 

Looking forward to next weeks Garway Hill Circuit. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015