Thursday, 4 October 2012

Big Dipper and Swansea 10k

Cups of Coffee, free cakes, medals and great local people! What more would you want from a Sunday morning race?

I managed to squeeze out a 3rd place and we some how managed to get the first team prize for WVR! (even though I was wearing a Ross Running vest!)

And the week before...

8 am on a Sunday is a crappy time to be awake, 8 am on a rainy Sunday is crappy squared..

Except for when your driving up to Hereford rowing club, to catch a coach to Swansea (Via Coffee stop at Sainsburys just on the outskirts) to race in the Swansea 10K.

3000 people entered, Alan (from WVR) managed a 37.30 (PB) which got him a 103rd place.
I followed with a 38.04 (PB) which got me a 114th place (4th in the U23 category!)

Race face at Swansea

WVR Runners after the race
These were very creditable performances, but then some one, some where as to show you how its done. Mr Dominic Onduro from Kenya.. 28.30! (nearly 10 minutes faster than me!)

After the race, it was time for a 3 course meal at a very posh place in Port Talbot! (Gravy and Salmon is the way forward..) Then, on to the coach to finish with a quiz, which we rocked at! (coming last is just as good as coming first, don't you know?)

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