Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years eve in Bath

(Left to Right) Chappers, Owen, Lawrence and Me


Fuzz (He could of stayed there all night!)

Irish Bar in Bath

Fireworks at 12.. woop!
Possibly one of the best (and most expensive!) new year eve's ever!

Chappers car and the importance of team work..

Look on the bright side, atleast its not turned over and on fire!
Once upon a time, there was this Wally named Chappers. One day he decided that he wanted to make my car look like a unicorn. So tried as he might, he could't! In the end he resulted to moving my areal forward, to make it look like my car had a horn at the front. However, he couldn't get his head around the idea that my car areal was stuck in one place. So he continued to force and force to try and move it forward. Then suddenly, SNAP! It came off! Wilden, lawrence and I tried our upmost to stick it back on, but to know such luck.

So, the drive down to Bath in my car was very quiet.. only the static and blotchy bits of Radio 1 to keep us going! Luckily, I had a plan!
 Earlier that day I had bought some pallet wrap and the idea was, when Chappers eventually fell asleep, we would wrap his car.

3.30 AM 1st Jan 2012

Feeling rather tipsey, tired and spent out, we got back from town to Owen's. I knew if we were going to pull this off, it was now or never! Chappers went out like a light (for a big lad, he can't hold his drink!). Lawrence, Fuzz and I set to work, running around his car like it was some kind of May Pole, it was great fun, it was great revenge! :)

10.00 AM 1st Jan 2012 

The Chappers awakes.. He goes over to the window. He sees what we have done.
When all of us was sipping our morning brews, he was knifing the pallet wrap off his car.

Fantastic :)

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