Saturday, 7 January 2012

I have a feeling...

It’s cold, dark and probably raining! The idea of turning out after a hard day at work sounds really painful! I’m not going to lie, this is my 3rd year of being a committed runner/mentalist, let me tell you, it does not get any easier! As I was out running in the driving rain the other day it got me thinking, what’s the point? I don’t enjoy this. The way I decided to justify it to myself is as follows;
“Winter is our enemy, it’s our rival... We need to fight it and try our very best to beat it like a competitor. However, it can also be a team mate; it can help us get stronger. It can help not just athletes but all of us to become better, tougher people.”
On that I made a promise to myself that during 2012 I will ride to work and back 50 times, and what better time to start than in the 1st week of January?! This is the toughest, coldest, wettest, windiest, darkest time of year.  If you can do it now, you can do it anytime! It’s going to get so much easier! :)

Another thing that the first 7 days in January as brought to light...

After jumping off my bike on Thursday evening I got a phone call off a friend, asking if I wanted to go out for a run. This was the first time since last march he has been out running. We did organise it a couple of days before hand, however I thought he would of forgot or  he would of phoned to say that he was to tired or ill and couldn’t be bothered. On that we arranged a time and a place and hung up. Sure as hell he was there. Stood in shorts and a t shirt, he was ready and it must be said, more enthusiastic than me!
I have a feeling by the end of 2012 I will be seeing this fella on the start line of a race… we will see.

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