Saturday, 20 July 2013

Suprise break in Devon

M organised it back in May and it was a massive surprise too me. The aim was to do a "Total wipe out" course, which we both did with ease! M and I got rather competitive and on the Time trial. Dare I say it, she was the fastest women to get around the course that day!

Unfortunately, I'm not like Meg and I can't throw myself into rubber tubes and off platforms onto big plastic balls as easy!

But to be fair, it was a fantastic day and a brilliant surprise birthday present! 

Following the "Wipe out" experience we found the guest house which was just outside of Bideford, again was booked way back in May as a surprise present!

Walking over to the course

The Guest house

The most super-comfiest bed I have ever slept in!

Chickens in the garden of the guest house

Secret gate at the bottom of the Garden

Loving the self sufficiency

Thursday evening we went for a 3 mile walk around- In the evening sun there was no where I would of rather had been!

On the Friday it meant only one thing...

Lots of coffee drinking

Walks in Clovelly

Really good view back up the Hill!

Woolacombe bay ( And yes, we did go in the sea.. not surfing though! [due to lack of it rather than C.B.A])


Rocks to potentially explore?!

One of M's fave pics in Exmoor

I'm not usually a driving person, but fantastic roads!

Lynton + Lynmouth + Porlock Hills= Need to go back and do some cycling!

25% down hills and they are telling cyclist to dismount.. WHY?!

Always time for a flapjack and a lie down in the car!

Quote of the week;

"Go for it now. The future is promised to no one."
Wayne Dyer

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