Saturday, 27 July 2013

I want to lose weight, quit smoking, run a marathon, eat healthy, stop drinking and go to bed early every night...

... Lets face it, all that sounds pretty good and clean living; but who actually lives like that? After all even Olympic hero's have been spotted falling out of clubs at 3am!

The problem is that people set their selves too much, too soon.

Goals are a fantastic strategy for moving towards your desirable achievement.

Not only that, they give you motivation and focus. Lets face it, we all need both of them!

So here's my Tip;

Work on fitness first. Once you start this, you will want to get fitter and fitter (you will, trust me!). So the next stage is that if you smoke, you will want to give that up. When you do there will be so many organisations that would like to help you (such as Halo and the NHS quit service)

Whilst working on your fitness, carry on eating what you like!

Soon enough you will think.. "If I eat healthily and balanced, I will feel better whilst doing my fitness (Fitness being a generic term for what ever sport or exercise you will be wanting to participate in!)"

within 6 months you will be so tired by 9pm an early night will come naturally.

As for drinking- £3.20 pint lager =227 Kcal
                      - £0.80 Lime and soda= 12Kcal


And remember;

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