Friday, 30 December 2011

Ross Running club

Running = pain! However, it is a great way of keeping a good base fitness. I hated it, so much that when I was at school I would say to my mum "If you write my PE teacher a letter, I will tidy my room, put out the rubbish and go with out pocket money!" Thank god she never gave into these bribes!!

From leaving high school through to when I first started my job, exercise was just a "Meh" thing that you do to keep fit. Throughout college when I was doing my first diploma in Travel and Tourism, my diet would consist of Mum's cooking, boost bars and lots of costa esspresso shots!
When I finished my course, I had two options find a Job or get onto an higher college course, everything seemed so BORING! As it happend, I bit the bullet and took the risk. I left College and went out and found a job.

It was great, full time job at a local building supplies shop, money, the chance to work on NVQ's in Customer service's, a nice car, girlfriend and a great social life! However, it was boring! I wasn't 100% happy, it all felt too easy, too good! The adventures of yesterday, seemed dead.

One afternoon walking thorugh town I bumped into an old friend of the family who works in an outdoor shop in Ross. He was telling me he was part of this running club what had only just taken off, he asked if I would be interested in going along, I thought why not! Following Tuesday I turned up at this new club, nervouse was an understatement! before today the furthest I ran was a mile for sports relief at school, what the hell am I doing?! (a question I seem to ask myself a lot in life)

That day I ran 6 miles and Blitzed it. since then to now (30th Dec 2011) I have ran 13 Half marathons, 1 full marathons and a load of local races. Also, I have started running for the Hereford Wye Valley Runners and in the middle of the cross country series with them at the momment. Also I have another marathon coming up in the end of January.

I might never come first in a race, but taking part and finishing these races... Im making my own victories.

In life you need to work hard for yourself..

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