Friday, 30 December 2011

look at these kids.. when I was 15 it was a tad different!

5 am in the morning wake up call. Not feeling great. why the hell do we do this? I stayed the night at Lukes house, We were about to knock out a 180 mile bike ride to Weston Super Mare and back.
It all started off with the odd bike ride through the forest of dean just 8 miles down the road from us, and now we were packing our paneers for one hell of an adventure..

Two 15 year olds, two bikes, 180 miles, 2 days!

We decided we needed a reason to do somthing this crazy (because most other 15 year olds and adults alike are so narrow minded to just see it was for the adventure and the freedom!)

My Brother goes to Barrs court school and Lukes cousin goes to Bettridge school in Cheltenham which are both for children with special needs, so we thought we could base our trip around these too school's.

Altogether we raised a mammoth £700! : )

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