Monday, 14 April 2014


..Is a time for 12 mile runs around Pontshill with Gary (aka Mr Ross-Running!). Was great to see him, looking well and running fast!

I've also been reading this! I don't tend to drink because I feel it helps my running/cycling performance; not to mention the fact that I don't get the dreaded hangover! However, after reading that, I may need to change a couple of things!

It's also a time for Sunday afternoon walks with L-Man, Owen and Wood in the FOD

Owen on the Tea and Chocolate cake

L-Man on the Milkshake

Who's chair is this?

It's Sam Wood!

L man, Owen and I on a Discovery!
April is also the month that M appeared on the planet; 20 years ago to be precise!!

So most people celebrate Birthdays with a night out in their local Spoons and potentially never remember it; we don't, we go up to Edinburgh with M's Mum and Dad.

M in the Hotel; we stayed at the Dakota, an amazing place!

Wandering around Dunfermline Abbey

Waterfall around the Glen

M and I... n.b. Very sunny!!

I think M was a bit embarrassed during the Happy Birthday song!

Big Frozen Birthday Cake!

On the way back stopped at this beautiful cafe overlooking this!

Edinburgh Castle

Banger Racing!(Spot the limo and the hearse!)

Cowdenbeath Racewall

There was also time for a lot of eating, some reading and I even managed to motivate my fat and lazy self to go for a quick run across the Forth Road Bridge which was fantastic! (If not a tad cold and v. windy!!)

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